Gwyneth Paltrow says: Britney has Stockholm Syndrome!!

9 04 2008



This is too funny! I need stop laughing because I’m practically choking on my homemade hotdog with mustard and too much salt!

Gwynnie is soo contrived! She’s soo effected....laaaaaaaaaah……laaaaaaaah…lah!

Poor celebs, all that money, all those free clothes, all that holier then thou attitude; they don’t ask for it damnit!

Maybe I should start a charity to help celebs? Maybe we can donate some money to their plight? So hey can afford to travel by private jet and stuff. Y’know, in complete privacy away from people like us; the fans?

Wait a minute? We do donate to their personal charity!? When we buy celeb mags, when we buy their endorsements, when we pay to go see their movies or concerts, when we buy their music or films, when we……to be contd.

HELP Brit Brit!!
With Hurley wurley
With Liz ‘hellloooo‘ Hurley, who looks equally bad. God you can cut the tension with a sharp knife.
More pics @ Just Jared

In other news: Urgh, what she wearing? She looks like her mum.




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