Damn, Rob Lowe is so suspect!?

9 04 2008

I guess some people can’t stay out of trouble-though believe me, the guy is no angel, we know that but you’d think he would’ve learned his lesson by now? I mean-he’d know how to ‘play the game better’?

    Rob Lowe in the 80\'s!!

But I guess the factor when these situations happen-it makes you realize that they must be so odious, that their shit is leaked.

Rob Lowe has written an open letter to the Huffington Post about this ‘household betrayal’, damage control if you like.

What’s so peculiar is not that now due to the phenomena of the media blogs, every celebrity and his dog walker now see fit to write and complain to the post about anything that’s not looking so hot in their world but why he has chosen to do this? His side of the story?

I mean come on, you hired these people at the first place-but they are now trying to blackmail you? Who were their references pres tell Mr Lowe?! As a Hollywood star surely you must hold stringent checks to have people work in your “household”?

Shit follows Rob Lowe wherever he goes. The guys a ‘bad un’, as they like to say up north. A bad apple. He isn’t very pleasant and I’m not even talking about that time when he was filmed fucking that underage girl or when there was rife gossip of his diva-ish behaviour on the set of the West Wing. He is just know for being a bastard.

But he is a lucky bastard because for someone who has been such hard work on sets and seems to have pretty deviant tendencies; he has managed to snag sought after roles-namely on the new show ‘Brothers And Sisters’. It goes without saying that this may not be a surprise as the creators of the shows did ‘Thirtysomething’ back in the 80’s and Rob, well, Rob was the 80’s pin up. So in away, I guess he will always be in the mindset of the TV 80’s crew.

Nevertheless-this doesn’t look good but luckily for Lowe, we live in a very forgiving age with a myriad of people who suffer from selective memory. I mean if Britneys comeback is seen as a good thing after she dropped her baby, took both of them hostage, is constantly seen without underwear, driving recklessly and the rest-then Rob Lowe can count his lucky stars that the age of respectable caliber, has finally died.




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16 04 2008
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