How can South Africa deal with its legacy-crime?

8 04 2008

“New crime statistics released by the South African Police Service (SAPS) make grim reading: 19,202 murders; 52, 617 rapes; 12,761 home invasions; 13,599 carjackings; 92,021 aggravated robberies — and all of that just in the past year.”

    South Africa

Shit, SA makes me so sad, mad, angry, upset, defeated and ever so cynical. Was it ever gonna work? Did they ever have a chance?

What did they expect? Mandela was a GOD but was he a leader?

Sigh. I know they didn’t care and it was all about having to sort out the international relations. But that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt or disappoint. But this post isn’t to go on and on about what you know already. It’s to say that they are being resourceful.

Crime is all they know. It’s everyday life-reality. Writers are finding a way to engage the public by writing about, well, crime.

It’s a funny kind of escapism, I’ll give you that. But if this keeps people out of trouble and reading? What’s so wrong about that?




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