Only in London, Only in London….

7 04 2008

(Or NY actually)
Jodi Harsh with Kate Mosside and her lap dog
Who is Jodie Harsh pres tell? And more importantly do you care?

Probably not. There’s not much to sat all but she has caught the interest of the media for her cunning ability to self promote and create her own hype and belief.

A typical London art/fashion hipster, Harsh has to be commended for her ruthless climb to the top of the murky hip London scene. In a time when it seems virtually impossible to find genuine talent or charisma, Harsh has been grabbed with both hands and legs as the ‘face’ to be seen with.

I think it’s funny. Why? Because I honestly didn’t think that people would buy the whole drag scene/club kid look that has been done to death so many times in New York and London from the 70’s to the 90’s?

Guess I was wrong.




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