MEMO: To Marc Jacobs,

7 04 2008

more posh spice pictures for marc jacobs

What went wrong?

You know that kid at school that you thought was pretty cool and original? You thought they had their own quirky style and their outsider-y status was an added bonus to their non-conformist nature?

You’d meet up behind the bike sheds and slag off all the netball players, who were stuck up and looked like horses, counting the number of days until you could leave the predictable living hell that was school. But then something happens, the self appointed queen b/looser, starts to talk to that kid. And that kid would start to change-it would change it’s original left field style for the conservative and drab uniform adapted by the groups you hated.

It was heartbreaking, this person you held in such high regard and who you were pretty much in awe of cause they had utter genuine talent instead of the faux pretentious outfit worn by all the followers, became like those people over night. They would rather be accepted and like everyone else, instead of like themselves. They’d rather tell the same jokes, instead of coming out with witty repertoire.

That kid is Marc Jacobs.


The mail has more images of the Posh Spice shoot-and boy do I love them when they are soo bitchy to Posh!! Heh! The best bit is the comments!

This woman said “It’s bizarre, pathetic and ugly. I’d never buy a product she is associated with.”

– Katie, Penticton, BC, Canada





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