***Kate Moss Buys Her Own Engagement Ring***

7 04 2008

‘A source said: “Jamie is besotted with Kate and desperately wanted her to
become his wife. He realized he needed to show his commitment and spell out
how he saw their future.”‘

    KAT-E MOSSide!

erm, uh, not sure what to say?

and in other news, I thought she was OVAH Doherty?

Question: How does a 35 year old model whose being working since she was 14, was in rehab by the time she was 23, get to be seen better then a 28 year old musician who got into one of the best schools in London and started partying when he was 21?

Answer: Fuck knows. But people seem to think that K Moss is better the Pete Doherty-yeah, right.




One response

10 04 2008
MEMO: Bizarres Gordon Smart, what do you have against Pete Doherty?? « rantersparadise

[…] readers see my previous piece in how Kate Moss was jealous of Pete hanging out with Agyness Deyn-like. It was also reported by our Gordon. God they think […]

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