Is Jay-Z to blame for Glastonbury Festival not selling out??

7 04 2008

Jigga Man!

Fingers are pointing to the ex-pimp hustler extraordinaire come hip hop meastro, for the disappointing sales of Glastonbury tickets. Though why Glastonbury think Jay-Z would work well there is mind bogling!? His stuff doesn’t sell that well in the UK but Glastonbury always do this.

Or England to be precise. They always get huge American hip hop stars to play in these festivals or come on these shows that have a strong pop mainstream and rock indie base. It’s unfair on both parties and ends up being embarrassing-like toe curling head down ‘I wish the ground would swallow me up’ kinda thing!

But I’m sure the amiable sociopath that is Jay-Z doesn’t care much anyhow. He’s all about the dollar signs and has such an inflated ego, he probably feels he can cross over? YA-HUH.

I find Glastonbury overrated anyhow. Yawn. I last went years ago and I love festivals but it was too corporate. And busy. But you can’t fault the atmosphere of a huge festival!

No love for Jay-Z?

And what do the Glasto fans have to say?




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