WTF is up with Anne Hathaway?

6 04 2008

Have you heard about her very strange and blatantly corrupt boyfriend-Rafaello Follieri? The sociopath seeming opportunist from Italy who conned the Clinton’s amongst others of cash by pretending he was ‘in’ with the Vatican? I know, you can stop laughing now in disbelief.

I’m just impressed that he was able to dupe a handful of prominent and allegedly business savvy New Yorkers!?

The dude’s a con artist. Fair play, his cards are visible but Hathaway is a funny one. What is she getting from this deal? I ask because this shit isn’t good for one’s career as a Hollywood actress. I’m all for walking to the beat of your own drum-I support it fully but for someone like Hathaway whose a mainstream actress of some sorts, this doesn’t float so fluidly.

Also, there were big rumors on Hathaway’s alleged lesbian tendencies, which added to the mix, makes this whole scenario even weirder. Why him? Someone with such a dirty path and with actions that are so tabloid friendly. And how she makes such a song and dance to be so ‘conscious’ and ‘right on’-that she such a ‘good girl’.


Luckily because she is so dull, the mags or newspapers don’t seem fussed about delving into her background.
Hathaway with dodgy boyfriend
Hathaway and dodgy boyfriend

Hell, even the Church suspected something before!

Anyhow, this says a lot about her. Like attracts like. Makes her a helluva a lot more mysterious!

Follow the news via Gawker

The duping of the Clintons
Is he being followed?
And finally, him being in the news for bouncing a very, very large check




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