Why all the hate for Black models??

6 04 2008

“I have been told outright by a designer, ‘please do not send me any black models as they do not suit my clothes’. I have also been told that black models do not know how to carry themselves in a high fashion manner, which is utter rubbish.”

    Cover from 2007

Both pieces are by Janelle Oswald, The Voice is a Black British newspaper and The Independent is not.The Voice article’s pretty good actually. I got the above quote from it. Nothing’s held back.

But The Indie article, is of course edited for all the wishy washy and wimpy middle class mostly white leftie readers. They mean well but you can just see it, ohh…not race!!!

I’m not even going to put my two cents into this issue. As someone who used to produce a cool style magazine-boy was it IMPOSSIBLE to get black models! We used to have to get them off the streets but they were still hot and cool!? And I also put together some cool fashion shows and SAME problem-I mean come on people, we all know black models have the walk. It’s in the gait-the attitude. It pours out of their skin. It’s alluring, hypnotic and rocks the catwalk-male and female.

At least TRACE loves the black ladies!!!



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