Where are ALL the female geeks???

6 04 2008

Lisa and Daria!
“You need to put in the hours, of course. Boys spend their teens honing their skills on the guitar or nurturing future RSI on games consoles. But women work hard too. They become athletes and cellists and ballerinas (and guitarists and games designers as well). Greatness is born of talent, focus and hard work, not of being male.”

I knooooooow!

Bah humburg. Or something like that. But this is so true it’s boringly predictable. The article is worth having a look at but Kitty’s just asking the old age question of ‘where are all the women this or that’?

It’s so tedious. And it something (else) that I’ve tried but failed to understand. Are we really so constructed and stifled by our gender positions? Our roles? Is it that subconscious that we don’t even realize?

I’ve given up trying to understand this and resigned myself to believe I have more ‘male traits’ then ‘female traits’.

The obvious fact is self esteem issues. I know their is a glass ceiling but come on girlies!!!


Ahh, and there’s a site called Geeksugar too!




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