What’s the DEAL with George Clooney?

6 04 2008

Georgie Boy!
Is he gay?

Well my sister who did an internship with British Vogue, said that it was a non story there. Everyone knew that he was.

The Daily Mail, gave us this interesting tidbit. Yeah, I know it’s The Mail but to give credit were it’s due, those angry bastards do produce good investigative journalism. They do! I need to find the link…though

And what is with the questionable company he keeps?


Look, dudes, I’m no frigging prude-on the contrary! But lets call a spade a spade-WTF? Can’t he find a beard that’s, erm, not going to have a dodgy past? I mean, how long has the guy being in Hollywierd for? He must know the game by now….

Bless his socks, cause at least he does care; which should be applauded! Get this man a tie! Now!

But it’s all very selective

Nestle malarky

Renee Zellweger?? The noughties Winona Ryder?


So what’s the DEAL with George Clooney?

This has been on my mind for some time. Well, actually, only until it seemed like it was apparent that he looked like he wanted to go into politics. I say this cause it was/is glaringly obvious. His political opinions, the films he chooses to make etc….all this lead to a future life in politics. It made sense that he was always single and keeping out of the tabloids. Things were going smoothly-all was good. But he then ups and gets himself some shoddy ‘lady of the night’ to be his girlfriend.

Because he chooses this kind of woman, you must assume that he likes sex with women..at least…

So what is the DEAL with George Clooney?

George, it shouldn’t be this hard. Playing the game should be so arduous when you’ve been kicking in the land of plastic for a good twenty years. So this bothers me no end. Cause I don’t get it. I don’t get were he is coming from.




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