Overrated Series: #1

6 04 2008

I’m going to be starting this new series of posts called ‘Overrated’. About overrated people. Over. Rated. Times are so desperate that we are calling our first ‘overrated’ person; a ‘fashion icon’. Come on people. Her style is a rehash of eighties fashion! Jesus, the girl isn’t even original or makes it her ‘own’.

What’s happening to us?
I used to trust fashion as the only medium that wouldn’t change as our creative climate continued to suffer and loose originality.

    Dyen on Time Magazine

I’m really open minded about style. Hec, I’m one of those people you would say has their ‘own’ style. I was into vintage before all these Topshop clones new it existed! So me thinking it’s wild, is not the case at all, because in fact, her style is so not wild it’s funny. It’s so contrived it’s stuffingly ‘straight laced’. It tries so hard to be unique that it’s in fact generic.

I’m not saying she doesn’t look good, that’s irrelevant, the point is why are we not wanting more? Better? An icon, ALL fashion icons throughout the ages have been original and trend setting, not trend stealing!

God her name isn’t even Agyness Dean-it’s Laura Hollins. Which is no biggie at all but why change it? This just reinforces how manufactured she is. And everyone’s buying the bullshit. I always think in these cases the media must be so jaded.

So overrated. Sigh

And before you all say, ‘but thats the fashion world’, no, that’s not true at all. The fashion world is a lot of things but those bastards work hard and live for fashion. That’s why I’ve always begrudgingly respected it. From my work as a stylist to the countless amount of friends I had who were designers-one thing you had to give to them was their dedication to all things cloth-like and pretty.

Here’s the Indie’s feature on her being the ‘face of the generation’. And they are right, she is; the ‘faceless generation’. The kids nowadays have no clue or identity, they act like they have nothing to revolt about.

Silly people-it’s never too late to carry out a revolution!

In other news: See Henry Holland




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