Oh, The Mirror’s Kevin O’Sullivan does make me laugh… :)

6 04 2008

On the new Apprentice:

(call-centre worker) Michael Sophocles who declared: “If someone said to me you’re arrogant, I’d say ‘you’re 100 per cent right – what are you going to do about it?'”

Err… kick your head in?

On Jordan and Pete’s reality TV effort:

Then Ms Price’s generously proportioned manager Claire Powell recalled: “The last time I saw Katie, we were in a taxi saying goodbye to her boobs.” Get a life.

On Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new show:

“You’re not Nancy,” his Lordship Lloyd Webber told a crestfallen hopeful on the Beeb’s oddly irrelevant I ‘d Do Anything. “But you could be something else.” Yeah – unemployed.’

God I LOVE Kevin O’Sullivan.

The rest here..




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