NEWS FLASH!!! ‘Lily Allen-shock!, has resigned as judge of Britains most cutting edge literary competition; the Orange Prize!’

6 04 2008

There was discomfort and upset that swept over the UK, as news came of Lily Allen- original and non faux working class songtress, taking the crucial and hard decision of stepping down as judge of the Orange Prize.

The beautifully candid and amiable singer cited “ill health” for her reason to not continue with what she was invited to do.

Lily Allen laughing with latest boyfriend in the streets of London.

In other news, Lily recently canceled her appearance @ the Isle of White festival. The organizer said this ““I think the poor girl has got a few problems. Unfortunately England, although it produces good girl singer/songwriters, they don’t seem to be capable of running the course. I find it very disappointing.”

Hmm. Lets see

Lily Allen around October last year announces that she is going out with Chemical Brothers guy, November she says she is pregnant with his child, December we are told she just wants a family and a nice house, January she again tells the press that the baby was miscarried, January still the couple have now broken up-again via the press, I won’t bore you with Feb’s news BUT March she’s seen partying hardy with Kate ‘over-rated’ Moss’s posse-has her new show out-pulls out of fest-now bestie mates with Ronson after he wins Brit, and finally April…the ‘exhausted but ever so brave’ Lily pulls out of the Orange Prize.

To lay claim that I loathe the girl is harsh. I HATE the hands that feed this ADD ‘so so’ singer who took the long way round to seek fame. I struggled with the idea of posting various links of her bullshit but I quickly saw the logic that I would be wasting my precious but valuable time.

I won’t deny that a part of me didn’t die when she was announced as a judge; I sighed and brushed it away as I was very well aware of the long and horrific demise that was the English cultural system. But even I didn’t think the lazy over-rated bitch would cancel on this a week before it takes place?!


Ahh, Lily, well played hun, well played.

If in some twisted way Allen is taking piss out of the ridiculousness that has taken over regarding all things ‘celebrity over substance’, then girl, lets going out for a fucking pint and a gourmet burger and chips!

Orange Prize cancellation

Isle of Wight cancellation
Lily slagging off Kate Moss

Disclaimer: The reason I hate this girl so much is because of the saying ‘doth protest too much’, the fact she contradicts herself @ every turn, she claims she hates fame but is ALWAYS @ the Groucho bar and finally the big fat LIE she played when she first came out-pretending it was all about the music when it was all about the attention!

I liked her. Thought she was a ‘breath of fresh air’. But she played me. And I’m hurt.

Oops, I forget to mention nepotism!




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