LOL Alert! Why did Clinton make this story up??

6 04 2008

What is she on? Is there any point to why she would do this?? She’s hardly not liked regarding the speeches she delivers? Politicians are so M E N T A L.

Clinton spoof from Private Eye


This is such a weird ‘non story’, not because it’s not important but because it doesn’t make any logical sense why she thought she could get away with making up a story regarding this woman @ a certain hospital, when said hospital is likely to, erm, say something? Which they did. Some of the other lies, you can kind of guess-ish why she would….she could kind of get away with it.

But this?

She needs to stop lying!

The Wall Street Journal has been counting down her lies. Enjoy!

Whatever, this won’t effect her popularity. She can lie all she wants, as long as she doesn’t have a spiritual adviser who hates America. Ahem.

Image from this issue of Private Eye.




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