LOL Alert! The new W Bush movie and its ‘questionable’ casting.

6 04 2008

I’ve been ignoring this whole biopic by Oliver Stone, cause, well he is certifiably insane. I thought someone’s still on the chemicals. But I’ve taken back my comments. I was wrong-he is on a different plane altogether!

condi rice and thandie newton
Thandie Newton as Condaleeza Rice??

I would make some joke about how all black people look the same anyhow and scoff at Hollywierds attempt at trying to be ‘pc’ cause this is CRAZY casting. Out of this WORLD.
But they’ve done it with the white people too!

blair and ioan
Ioan Gruffudd to play Tony Blair????

w bush and josh brolin
Brolin is gonna be Bush?!

laura bush and liz banks
laura bush = liz banks-YEAH!

Am I the only one who is shocked? Outraged? Do you think this is Ashton Kutchers thing? Pop something? We’re being punked…right?




2 responses

9 04 2008
“Is Oliver Stone’s Bush Movie a Terrible Hoax?” via Wonkette « rantersparadise

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26 04 2008
Oh DEAR: More people are laffing @ ‘W’ « rantersparadise

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