F**K. Mugabe won’t leave Zimbabwe.

6 04 2008

What a f***ing sociopath.


Zimbabwe used to be an English colony-a ‘successful’ one. The Times think it’s about time they should go out and help the people of Zimbabwe. They are to blame. But yeah right, as if England will get their hands dirty. Please, Zimbabwe has no oil or diamonds! What an idealist this fellow is!! HA-HA!

The people were given a glimmer of hope, sigh but had it snatched just fast.

This makes me so sad, what can we do? And check this out, he was voted the 3rd greatest African of all time. ALL TIME. This survey was done in a London based South African magazine and their response?

‘Have people forgotten Africa’s history? Must this worry us, as a people?’

Um yeah.

Sadness, just sadness. Nothing more to add.

Image from here.




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