The Daily Mail wins fight to make large boned girl feel like shit…

5 04 2008

The wonderful and beautiful Daily Mail, has finally won it’s ongoing fight to make “curvy chloe”, cover up her appalling figure.

Disgusted and flabbergasted that anyone should believe in themselves or even have any self esteem when the are not anorexic-the liberal and unbiased Mail has won it’s long and torturous ‘war’, to make Chloe, the now infamous size 16, cover up her curves during her quest to become the next Miss Grt Britain.

    \'Curvy Chloe\'

Known for it’s distaste of needless bullying and intimidation through honest journalism, this evidence shows that the Mail, are if not consistent, in doing it’s duty as the British newspaper for the people.

Read victory for The Mail!

And below past reports on ‘dreadful‘ Chloe…how could she?




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