Ron Burkle….Bill Clinton’s creepy and even creepier rich, very rich BFF..

5 04 2008

Gawker has this crusade against Bill Clinton’s best friend, Burkle and his shady going ons. The 117th richest man in the world-ch-ch-check you out fella!


Again, watch as the supposed American political fans, COMPLETELY ignore this!? But if this was Obama…..hmmm… be black in this mad mad world.

Oh well, Bamz knew what he was getting into..yikes!

Here’s the lowdown about the dude..

His dodgy posse of friends that include Bill Clinton and Jeffery Epstein..
Dirty money to Hils Clinton-Burke is mentioned as well
Mo money more problems
Hanging out with Kate Hudson-the star fucker….GOSH
His wife hates him…AND he invested millions to P Diddy…?!
He doesn’t like the spotlight but can’t help being in it! Ahh maan, all the dude wants is to be left alone to get on with all his ‘suspicious’ dealings in peace.

Burkle and Bill sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Below is the article in Gawker about the Clinton ‘scandal’..


Heh, I’m sure my hatred for this guy stems from Gawkers obsession with him! I mean I don’t hate him as that’s kinda strong but I don’t trust people who are knowingly friends with peodophiles. And anyone who tells me that he didn’t know what Epstein was up to with the underage girls is in denial and a Hils supporter.

Tellingly, all the Hil supporters are completely denying that he is a questionable character or are ignoring the issue all together. More so, the press aren’t even making this a big deal! Such crap! People claim that the American press were gentle on Obama or are, but Hilary gets away with so much shit!

I’m just glad I’m not American, as this would work me up so badly!

(Heh-yeah, shut up, I know, I know, I’m already worked up!)




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